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Karasto Armaturenfabrik Oehler GmbH

Производитель быстроразъемных соединителей запатентованной системы GEKA® (Германия) - партнер компании "Садкко"
GEKA®: The Original since 1928

We have a long tradition of being fit for the future. GEKA® has been standing for innovative products, reliable quality and stable partnerships since its foundation in 1928. For example, the quick couplings that made our brand famous worldwide over the decades, was developed as far back as 1932.
Today GEKA® not only stands for unprecedented construction expertise but also
for many patented ideas for fittings and accessories. Besides unique product quality, we place great importance on three things: easy to use, exclusive design and the title "Engineered in Germany".
  • As the very nature of the product meant that a certain degree of force was required in coupling operations, making it harder to use the coupling in hobby situations, this particular niche was occupied by the plastic push-fit couplings that we know today.
  • It was obvious that the GEKA coupling needed to be more versatile if it was to break through to a wider range of applications. Both the ease of coupling and the operating pressure level required improvement. These two goals were attained by completely redesigning the seal and modifying the claw design.
    With the GEKA plus quick-action coupling, KARASTO succeeded in increasing the range of applications of the GEKA quick coupling by almost 100%! What was created was a coupling which was far superior to the previous GEKA coupling and its replicas.
  • From early 2000, the product range at KARASTO was gradually converted from GEKA to GEKA plus.
Progress through innovation – GEKA plus – the universal coupling from the new generation of GEKA products for the 21st century.

  • Having the Giersberg fire extinguisher coupling as its starting point, the GEKA quick coupling was developed by the founder of KARASTO, Mr Julius Oehler, in the late 1920s. In 1932, KARASTO was granted the German Reich patent for this excellent product.
  • The benefits and uses of the GEKA quick coupling became apparent very quickly, and GEKA couplings were soon pressed into service as water hose couplings in the fields of industry, professional horticulture, agriculture and forestry, structural and civil engineering, domestic water systems, environmental protection and house and garden. The success of the GEKA quick coupling remains unabated to this day – a truly long product life cycle.
  • The coupling was primarily intended for the quick and easy connection and attachment of flexible hoses. The technical requirements on which it was based in terms of pressure resistance corresponded to the normal mains water pressure (2-8 bar). With a static pressure of 12 and 14 bar the product still had a certain degree of capacity for applications with higher pressure ranges. And yet, due to its limited burst pressure, the GEKA coupling failed almost entirely to make a breakthrough into the higher pressure range. Thanks to the use of specific sealing materials, the scope of applications was successfully extended from just water to other liquid media.
There then followed in the 2nd half of 2002 the GEKA plus quick coupling in stainless steel. With this development, the new GEKA generation for completely new areas of application was perfected. Operating pressures of up to 50 bar, vacuum resistance of up to 10 m WS, application with acids, use in the food industry and more besides are opening up undreamt-of application possibilities and cementing the position of the GEKA plus coupling as the universal coupling more than ever.

  • Ведущий производитель сантехнического оборудования в странах Северной Европы с 1968 года
  • Обрабатываем 50 000 кг латунного сырья в год
  • Заказчики по всему миру
  • Производим 1,6 миллиона товаров ежегодно
  • Чистый объем продаж составляет около 11 миллионов евро
  • Предлагаем как стандартные, так и специальные изделия на заказ
  • Более 6000 квадратных метров современных производственных площадей
  • Автоматизированное производство
  • Сертификат менеджмента качества ISO 9001 (аналог российского национального стандарта ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015)
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Heikki Laiho OY
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